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Before I called Linda for personal training I was having difficulty with my balance and I had a constantly achy right hip. I am a dentist and since training with Linda , I can balance on one leg while adjusting the position of the patient chair and I can put on my paints without achy hips. I feel strong and coordinated and I have a more optimistic opinion about the future and I expect to sustain this improved quality of my working years. Thank you Linda.
-- Donnie
Gulf Breeze, Florida
Being in my early 50's, and a recreational runner, I began to realize with age, my upper body strength and tone were rapidly diminishing and felt I needed a more rounded personal exercise program. I contacted Linda, a highly recommended personal trainer, to evaluate my personal fitness and develop an in-home training program specifically for me. Linda was prompt to return my initial phone call and quickly set up an in-home fitness evaluation appointment. The moment Linda arrived at my door, her friendly introduction and professional demeanor, assured me this would be a positive experience, and it was. As a very experienced personal trainer, Linda questioned me about my personal fitness goals, and together with her analysis of my personal fitness level, over the course of eight weeks, she devised and taught me an ideal personal in-home training routine with variety that fit my needs and personality. She explained this was key to keeping me enthused about my personal training on a long term basis, and minimized my chance of getting bored and abandoning it. An additional bonus is having my fitness training conveniently done in the comfort of my home, with minimal equipment, which also makes it easier for me to continue my routine when I am out-of-town. It has been many months now that I have been following the personal exercise program Linda developed for me and the results, which started just weeks after starting the program, have been awesome. I highly recommend Linda as a professional and personable personal trainer. Not only will she will develop a personal exercise program that meets your specific needs, she will motivate you with results and enthusiasm so you will make exercise a lifelong pursuit.
-- Dr. Schindler
Pensacola Beach, Florida
My wife and I were looking for a personal trainer to help us establish a personal exercise program for ourselves. Linda was the perfect person to help us create a in-home fitness program that we could incorporate into our busy lives.  We started with a aerobic fitness training program and then she helped us establish a strength training program. After a few short weeks Linda had successfully helped us create a in-home fitness program that would could use wherever we were, at home or traveling. We were very pleased with our personal training and Linda's knowledge of how to help us best take care of ourselves while living such a busy life. Highly Recommended!
-- Theodore Kaufman
Jack Rabbit USA LLC
Lockouts USA LLC
Looking to get my body in shape again after years of letting it go, Linda has been the perfect fit for my personal fitness. Finding a personal trainer to fit my schedule was difficult; however, Linda's ability to do in-home training was perfect for my schedule. Working one on one, Linda created a personal exercise program which matched my goals of decreasing weight, toning my body and increasing my personal strength. As a personal trainer, she knows exactly when and how to challenge me so that I can further accomplish my personal fitness goals. I love her easy going personality and her work ethic. She has been easy to work with and a great partner for my fitness training. She keeps my interest in the workouts by varying the routine using bands, kettle bells, weights, exercise balls, and of course my own body weight! I’ve learned so much from the exercise program she has used, so THANK YOU Linda!!!
-- Precious
Pensacola Beach, Florida
I am so excited and pumped about working with Linda Williams as my personal trainer! I recently moved to Pensacola, Fl and knew it was time to get on a strict fitness training program. I had recently lost about 25 pounds on my own, but with no muscle tone and sagging skin, it was time to get an in-home personal trainer. I’m definitely not one who likes to do fitness training in the gym! Linda immediately took over and started me on a personal in-home exercise program that just blew me away! In the first two-weeks, I had lost 10 pounds and by the middle of the third week I saw muscle tone that I never knew existed! I have received numerous compliments as people cannot believe that the results were so dramatic in such a short period of time. The best thing about in-home training with Linda is that she changes the exercise regimen on a daily basis and you never get bored! We work with bands, the ball, and any other equipment she decides to use that would fit my personal fitness needs. One might think that in-home personal training could never work and may be skeptical about trying it, but take it from me that I have never worked so hard or felt this great in my life! I would definitely recommend Linda to anyone wanting to try in-home personal training or anyone that needs a personal exercise program. You can’t imagine the changes that Linda can make in your body in such a short amount of time if you’re willing to give it your all. Trust me, Linda knows her personal training, and the results could be remarkable!!
-- Suzy
Pensacola, Florida
I am very impressed and pleased with Linda's personal training program. She is professional and knows her stuff. She is diverse with the exercises she introduces from day to day, and I never get bored. I was overweight and out of shape with many medical issues and Linda set up a personal in-home training plan that works for me. She is flexible with her hours...starts early, finishes late, and anywhere in between which is great because I have three kids' schedules I have to work around. I needed an in-home personal trainer because I just didn't have the time to go to the gym and I didn't have the motivation or knowledge to do it at home on my own. Linda has an astounding knowledge base about 'healthy exercise' and form to prevent the kind that can cause injury. She has taught me so much about diet, cardio, strength, and form in my fitness training. I chose Linda for my personal trainer after talking with several trainers in the area...I was very impressed with her list of accomplishments and expertise including 20+ years of perfecting her techniques in personal training to instructing her own classes for 10+ years and finally asa personal in-home trainer for many years. She listens to my goals and is helping me to achieve them. She pushes me without breaking me. I would highly recommend Linda for a personal trainer for ANYONE...from the young, to the mother/father with children, to the person with medical problems such as diabetics who need metabolic training or the person with injuries, and finally to the elderly with stiff or osteoporotic joints and muscle wasting. Linda is conscientious, knowledgeable, personable and a pleasure to work with.
-- Robin
Gulf Breeze, Florida


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